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Megan Hilty isn't sharing when it comes to what she and husband Brian Gallagher might name their daughter when she arrives this fall.

But the mommy-to-be was happy to tell E! News what sort of names they're steering clear of!

Asked if they were inspired by any of the quirky names that certain celebrities have picked out for their kids, Hilty said insistently, "No! There are no fruits or animals or food in general for her name."

"We have three possibilities and we are not telling anybody," the Smash star added. "We're just gonna meet her first and see which one fits her."

Megan Hilty, Brian Gallagher

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Hilty and Gallagher's first child together is due at the end of September.

The petite blonde started showing off her little baby bump in April and she still looks adorable—but obviously we were curious to know how she was feeling as her body goes through the various stages of pregnancy.

"I am embracing it, 'cause as an actress there are not that many times in your life you can embrace that," Hilty laughed. "I am just trying to enjoy it, yeah."

Just as she was a few months ago, she's still craving "anything I can't have," like champagne and sushi. But now that she just has one summer left to go before she becomes a mom, what is she most excited about?

"I am most excited about him being a dad," Hilton told us, pointing to the husband at her side, "and to get to do this with the best partner in the whole world."

Aw! And surely he feels the same!

—Reporting by Jennifer Cooper

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