Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD

Have Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart had an awkward run-in since their breakup? Yes, all the time, except it's not awkward at all.

A source close to J.Lo tells E! News that the singer's ex actually still lives at her Los Angeles pad, despite having been broken up for some time now, and while that may be super inconvenient for most exes, it doesn't seem to be an issue for this former couple. Smart is said to be "taking his time looking for a new place and doesn't seem to be in a rush to move out," the insider tells us.

Additionally, we're told Lopez seems OK with the current situation and actually likes having him around. The A.K.A. singer came back to L.A. for four days this week to do re-shoots for a movie, and the source tells us they ended up hanging out together at her house. Lopez is currently on her way to Miami.

They're just being amicable adults about the situation, right?

The source continues to tell E! News that while the pair have not revealed any plans of reconciliation, their time together does make some of Lopez's pals "worried she is going to go back to Casper because it's so easy for her."

The source says they want her to move on and be single for awhile, but it just seems impossible for her, telling E! News she "always needs a man in her life and doesn't know how to be alone."

E! News has reached out to Lopez's rep.

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