Mystery Girls

ABC Family

Was that not the cutest reunion ever?

Kelly and Donna got back together for a new sitcom tonight, and we're kind of digging it.

The premiere, which was originally intended as episode 3, found former TV detectives Holly Hamilton (Tori Spelling) and Charlie Contour (Jennie Garth) settled into their new real-life detective agency after a hardcore fan (Miguel Pinzon) witnessed a crime and refused to talk to anyone except his favorite stars. In tonight's episode, the girls have to solve a rather personal mystery.  

When a rumor goes around that Holly is dead, sales of her belongings start showing up all over the internet, including a sex tape she doesn't remember making. In order to figure out who's selling it, they hold Holly's fake funeral and break into a man's home, only to eventually discover that it's actually Charlie on the tape.

To be honest, it wasn't much of a mystery. They found the culprit pretty fast, and found the tape even faster. However, it was less about the mystery and more about the A+ physical comedy and fairly clever jokes, at which the show definitely succeeded. We're totally hooked. 

So what did you think? Will you keep watching Mystery Girls, even if just to watch Kelly and Donna together again?  Share your reaction in the comments!

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