Limeade Oreos


Remember last summer when Nabisco released watermelon-flavored Oreos? And everyone lost their damn minds (sample soundbite: "Watermelon Oreos?! What the f--k is wrong with the world?") 

Well, it's summer again! Which means that it's also time for a new, weirdass Oreo flavor! Since watermelon, lemon and berry have all been done, that leaves one obvious flavor left: Limeade.

The limited-time Limeade Oreos were first spotted on the shelves at Meijer by The Impulsive Buy, but have since been spotted at a number of local grocery stores. Presumably, they'll only remain there until the end of summer.

Naturally, the Internet had a lot of feelings about this, ranging from disbelief:

To disgust:

But Junk Food Guy got his hands on a box and says they "weren't bad." 

Even though the cookies contain no actually lime, don't smell particularly lime-y, and have "friggin' neon" green icing, he bit into the cookie and, "BAM! Strong lime flavor."

"Yes, it sort of tasted artificial, but it was distinctly lime, not lemon," he continued. "It remended me of how Lime Skittles taste."

Junk Food Guy says he was disappointed the lime crème and golden cookie didn't combine for a Key Lime Pie flavor (would've been a good idea—maybe next year?), but that they have "just the right amount of tang and tart."

We're intrigued. If anyone finds a box, send one our way.  The Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Cookies too. Those sound delicious and, you know what, it's summer. We're on vacation. We'll eat what we want.

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