Gym-phobics rejoice: we've found the ultimate at-home total body workout!

Clear a space on your floor, because after seeing these five fast-paced exercises you won't be able to resist giving them a try. And for that you can thank celebrity trainer Kit Rich, the mastermind behind the no-equipment workout.  

The fitness guru's total body circuit combines the best that yoga, pilates and basic weight training has to offer. But don't feel like you need to be a gym rat to get the gist of these exercises— Rich, sporting a Lucy Activewear hot pink top, incorporates staples like pushups and crunches in innovative new ways that guarantee beach bod results.  

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And trust us, when it comes to gym-less workouts, Rich knows what she's talking about. The LA-based trainer has traveled the globe alongside Kesha, keeping the super-toned singer in tip top shape.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and try out these total body exercises now! And for even more pro-workout tips check out her Twitter @kitrichfitness.

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