Pretty Little Liars

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Tonight, Rizzoli & Isles mourned a dear friend, and it was a lovely goodbye. Elsewhere on television, Pretty Little Liars delivered its usual soapy insanity and we ate up every moment of it. Plus, Covert Affairs has returned, and the Real Housewives of New York continued their disastrous vacation. If you're not caught up on tonight's TV, get out now, but if you are, welcome!   

Pretty Little Liars: Guess who's back!

If you guessed Ezra, you would be correct. The English teacher returned to Rosewood after his gunshot wound, and Aria wasted little time in confessing to him about killing Shana, to which he responded that he would "help." Hanna, meanwhile, was forced to confront the fact that she basically turned herself into Ali after Ali "died," and now it's sort of awkward that Ali is not dead. We were treated to some pretty meaty flashbacks to Hanna's transformation, with Mona's help. Hanna's identity crisis took her to the hair salon for something "different," while Mona watched and talked to someone mysterious who might be Ali? Maybe? We have no idea. 

Pretty Little Liars

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

At school, which is a place where people go on this show occasionally, Emily and Paige met a new swim team member who's quite creepy and quite obsessed with Emily. We don't know why, but we do not trust her. Emily and Paige also had some nice moments tonight, away from weirdo swim team girl.

Now, as for the death of Ali's mother, it was determined that Jason wasn't anywhere near his house when Mrs. D was murdered. Now the liars have a new suspect: Mr. Hastings, who, when confronted, didn't really do himself any favors.  Dun dun dun! 

Rizzoli & Isles: That was a tough one. Tonight, the precinct mourned the death of Barry Frost, who was killed in a car accident at the end of last week's episode, and the show mourned the death of Lee Thompson Young, who passed away last August. When Frost's mother arrived overwhelmed at the station, Jane offered to take on the responsibility of making the funeral arrangements, and had the task of writing the eulogy.

She had an understandably hard time with it, and with responding to various coworkers and their attempts at kind words. Maura encouraged her to cry, but Jane just wasn't there yet. The funeral was beautiful and heartbreaking, as was Jane's perfect eulogy. Tears were most certainly flowing as "What a Wonderful World" played while Jane broke down at the sight of the postcard Barry had sent her. There was an intriguing case tonight, too, involving a woman with amnesia who believed she had killed someone. It turns out she did not kill anyone, but the case hardly mattered anyway, as this episode, per its title, was all about saying "…Goodbye." 

Covert Affairs

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Covert Affairs: After four months away, Annie has returned to her job, but a few changes had to be made. She asked Auggie if they could go back to just being handler and agent, which was sad for the shippers, but probably makes sense. While chasing down a potential terrorist, Annie lost her breath and had to administer a shot to her own leg, before calling a doctor and explaining that she had an "episode." Later, she was nearly killed in a suicide bombing. Just a typical day at work for Annie, we guess, though we're super confused and rather concerned about this new health situation. 

Real Housewives of New York City: The Montana trip is still not going super well. They had to go fly-fishing, there are no guest services, and LuAnn is still unhappy about Ramona and that darn facialist. The group divided into two, with Heather, LuAnn, and Kristen going rapelling (the best choice for a relaxing vacation activity), while the others went skeet-shooting (the other best choice for a relaxing vacation activity).

The rapelling got weirdly intense, and caused some drama between Heather and Kristen when Kristen struggled and Heather didn't. Then, they all went geocaching, and only Kristen didn't think it was boring. Heather led a sort of revolt against the geocaching, so everyone's fighting, and it's mostly about how boring Montana is to a bunch of wealthy New Yorkers.

So what did you watch tonight? Or were you too busy skeet-shooting to watch anything at all? Head to the comments and let us know!

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