At this point, the cast of Orange Is the New Black is never out of character. While doing press for season two, which debuted on Netflix on June 6, stars Natasha Lyonne, Yael Stone and the rest of the cast are busy making season three.

"We're never away sort of long enough that it's difficult to get back in the mode of doing our job," Lyonne says in the video above.

In Orange Is the New Black, Lyonne plays Nicky Nichols, a former junkie and the one-time prison lover of Lorna Morello (Stone). The two reconnect—as friends—in season two after Lorna Morello's big backstory is revealed. "There's sort of foundation for real connection," Stone says of their two characters by the end of the season. "And kind of really needing each other, which is really beautiful, so I think that is a setup to kind of travel deeper and have a greater sense of understanding, which is what we're all looking for."

Orange is the New Black, Season 2


In the second season, Nicky and Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) have a sex contest to see who can score the highest by having sex with various women. That's something Lyonne happily leaves for her character to do.

"Would I be in a sex contest? Nah. Me? What am I? I'm a person who likes to take a nap," Lyonne says in the video above. "What am I, running around town having sex contests? What are you, crazy? Who has the time for that? I'm at home hoping that this one [Stone] will come over and describe to me what a meme is. That's my version of a night on the town."

Orange Is the New Black seasons one and two are now streaming on Netflix. Season three is currently in production.

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