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We now live in a world where people can start petitions and raise money online for anything. Anything. Fundraiser to make potato salad? Yes. Petition to make Beyoncé comb her daughter's hair? Sure. Ask the White House to deport Justin Bieber? Oh, yeah. But we're actually on board with that last one.

Online petitions are a great way to raise awareness for your cause and help spread the word if there is an injustice happening in your area.

Or sometimes you really hate sporks and want to do something about it.

We cruised the Interwebs and found 18 completely useless online petitions, and yes, most of them have actual signatures supporting the cause. And hey, if you're into the petition, we've provided the links so you can sign it yourselves. We may have already signed the Pudding Pops one.

1. Distribute Sour Cream 'n' Bacon Ruffles to the U.S.

Online petitions

The Cause: "They're really tasty. Everyone I share them with agrees. And I'm tired of constantly having to drive over the border to buy them. They would sell well in the United States, if only given a chance."
Number of Signatures:  41 (Sign it!)

2. Dale Needs to Meet Bieber in His New Leather Jacket

Online petitions

The Cause: "Dale, weraing [sic] his new leather jacket, needs to meet Justin Bieber in order to aleviate [sic] his concerns after recent revelations in the news. He also wants to show off his new leather jacket, and feels Justin is the type of person who would appreciate it."
Number of Signatures: 4 (Sign it!)

3. Jack Frost From Rise of the Guardians and Elsa From Frozen Should Be in a Movie Together, as Love Interests

Online petitions

The Cause: "Since the second the movie Frozen was even mentioned, many animation lovers thought Jack Frost and Elsa would be a good fit for each other. Dreamworks [sic] and Disney, you may not be close friends, but this is the perfect pairing and many people will agree..."
Number of Signatures: 5,909 (Sign it!)

4. Petition for a Sarcasm Font on Social Media Sites

Online petitions

The Cause: "Have you ever tried to make a joke in an internet conversation and the recipient stopped talking to you for a week thereafter? Be one of the causes for what could be a revolution in instant messaging for everyone on the planet."
Number of Signatures: 1 (Sign it!)

5. Taco Bell: Give Customers a Minimum of Two Hot Sauce Packets Per Taco, Burrito or other Entree Ordered

Online petitions

The Cause: "This is a simple request to standardize the number of hot sauce packets the company hands out for every taco, burrito, or other single entree selection to a minimum of 2 packets of sauce."
Number of Signatures: 11 (Sign it!)

6. Taylor Swift on Law & Order: SVU

Online petitions

The Cause: "We all know how much Taylor loves Law & Order: SVU. She did just name her knew [sic] kitten after her favorite character after all. How awesome would it be if Taylor got to guest star on one of her favorite shows and a show that many of us love as well?! Pretty darn awesome if you ask me."
Number of Signatures: 1 (Sign it!)

7. Add a Hotdog Symbol to the Emoji Set

Online petitions

The Cause: "I humbly request that you add a hotdog symbol to the emoji set, and furthermore ketchup shall not be used in the making of this hot dog emoji."
Number of Signatures: 382 (Sign it!)

8. Ban Sporks

Online petitions

The Cause:  "Please sign my petition to ban the absolutely eeevvviiilll SPORK keep it away from all decent americans and believe it or not I have heard of a spoonula too!!!!"
Number of Signatures: 2 (Sign it!)

9. Bring One Direction Back to the U.K. So They Stay Here Forever!

Online petitions

The Cause: "Because the UK One Direction fans have been completely forgotten [about] by the boys! They have forgotten who made them who they are today! America - One direction [is] ours!"
Number of Signatures: 5 (Closed)

10. Give the Brawny Man His Mustache Back!

Online petitions

The Cause: "I am petitioning to put the brawn back into Brawny Paper Towels by giving the Brawny Man back his Mustache. You see being brawny is more than just muscles and strength, brawn is about masculinity, and what could be more masculine than some facial hair! However in 2003 Brawny gave Brawny Man a makeover which included new clothes and a freshly shorn face, not to mention they took away his peavey."
Number of Signatures: 67 (Sign it!)

11. Sequel for The Hunger Games: Cato and Clove

Online petitions

The Cause: "Just a simple sentence in the first novel of the trilogy captured many fans' attention and led them to wonder, who were Cato and Clove? What were their lives like before the game? And most important, who were they to each other? All these questions were left unanswered both in the book and the limited time they had on screen, disappointing the 'Clato' fanbase."
Number of Signatures: 90 (Sign it!)

12. Bring Back S Club 7!!!

Online petitions

The Cause: "The most amazing bubble gum pop band to come out of the UK in 1999 needs to make a comeback, and only through a groundswell of public support will they take a break from their lives of relative mediocrity and return to stardom. If BSB and NKOTB can do it, so can S Club 7!!"
Number of Signatures: 2 (Sign it!)

13. Bring Back Pudding Pops

Online petitions

The Cause: "Not only were Pudding Pops part of everyone's childhood, the freezer isle is sorely lacking with frozen treats that come close to the quality of frozen pudding. I want my child to grow up in a world where he can open the freezer and cool off with a delicious frozen chocolate or vanilla pudding treat just like I did."
Number of Signatures: 42 (Sign it!)

14. Please Follow Your Beyhive's Instagram Pages

Online petitions

The Cause: "We, the Beyhive, would love for Beyoncé to see our daily posts, which express our love for our QueenBey, and we want Beyoncé to be updated on what the Beyhive Instagram family shares with each other."
Number of Signatures: 14 (Sign it!)

15. Let Individuals Dye Their Hair

Online petitions

The Cause: "Okay, so if you think it is totally not cool for a parent to dictate how their child looks, even though the wanted changes are safe and within reason? Well, that is pretty much what it is like for me. I also see this with a lot of families as well. You should be able to change what you want about yourself."
Number of Signatures: 2 (Sign it!)

16. Louis C.K.: Leave Some Funny for the Rest of Us

Online petitions

The Cause: "Funny is a precious resource. With Mr. CK doing an hour a year, PLUS his show, PLUS telling stories on late night talk shows, PLUS whatever else he gets up too, the world is running out of funny. The rest of us work hard to think of a funny, original, intelligent premise, that this guy hasn't already done, but by the time we get to the club and tape it, we're too late."
Number of Signatures: 26 (Closed)

17. Naima Needs an iPhone!

Online petitions

The Cause:  "So, I've wanted an iPhone for a while now and this petition is to convince my mom to get me an iPhone for my 14th birthday. I have every other apple product other than and iPhone so please help me out!"
Number of Signatures: 1 (Sign it!)

18. Weird Al Yankovic Performs the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Online petitions

The Cause: "Having Weird Al Yankovic would be a performance the world over would love and never forget. He is an amazing entertainer and an icon. THIS SHOULD HAPPEN."
Number of Signatures: 24,251 (Closed)

But remember, for every ridiculous and useless online petition, there are hundreds of people who actually want to do some good. So click around for a bit and find some causes that speak to you. For example, we will sign any petition that has anything to do with protecting animals. Save all the kittens! And puppies. And elephants. Just...all of them.

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