Maggie Gyllenhaal


Well, it looks like Maggie Gyllenhal's stint as a blond wasn't just a random whim.

The 36-year-old actress was blond for a brief moment (specifically from April to the beginning of June), but then she dyed her hair back to light brown earlier this month.

Because it was just a quick stint we assumed her hair color switch-up was for a role. But now she's revealing to The Independent that there was a very specific reason she decided to go blond.

"I dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to feel better about myself," said Maggie.

"I do like it blonde, but it doesn't make you happy. The truth is: it was a long hard winter and I thought, maybe this will change my life. But it never does. I should know that by now, I'm 36 years old."

We can completely understand why Maggie would reach for the peroxide if she wanted a mood boost. There's that age-old saying, after all: "Blondes have more fun."

But, we also agree with Maggie that while a trip to the salon can elevate your mood a bit, the whole feeling better about yourself thing has to go beyond that, too.

Do you prefer Maggie as a blond or brunette?

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