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Ashton Kutcher isn't a parent himself yet, but he's got plenty of experience with his niece and nephews!

On Monday at Harboring Hearts' 2nd Annual Summer Soiree in NYC, Ashton's twin brother Michael Kutcher told E! News how he knows the actor and fiancée Mila Kunis "are going to be great parents."

It's partially because, he said, the Two and Half Men star is "amazing" with his 4 and 9-year-old nephews, explaining, "He never wears out. He always goes, goes, goes."

Michael and Ashton's sister Tausha, who is currently expecting baby No. 2, already has a daughter, so the brothers have "had experience" with little girls, too. Michael doesn't think Ashton "will be much different" with a daughter than with a son, telling E! News regardless of baby Kutcher's gender, dad will "still be full of energy!"

That said, Ashton would "maybe [be] a bit more protective," if he and Mila have a baby girl, Michael reasoned. Regardless, though, "they're going to be great parents"—the kind who are "going to be able to set the right discipline in their child—sometimes you have to be tough!"

And while we often see Ashton's silly, comedic side, he's serious about being a devoted family man. Part of this comes from the fact that at age 13, Michael "became ill," explaining to E! News, "Essentially, I was told I needed a heart transplant and had three to four weeks to live."

Michael Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher

"It was out of the blue," he continued. "Later, it came down to 48 hours to live. At the 48-hour mark, I was put on the transplant list. After being on the list, it took only 24 hours to find my heart. By today's standards, that's incredible."

Michael's new heart, which he heard came from "a middle-aged woman" in the Tampa, Florida-area, gave him a fresh start at life. Now at age 36, he "live(s) every day in her [the donor's] honor and [tries] to do good every day as she would want me to."

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And while he would "love to be able to find" his donor's family (but has "been unsuccessful as of yet"), Michael and his entire family are clearly beyond appreciative of this anonymous woman's incredible gift.

"I think it brought on the value of each day—how much we all cherish each day," he explained. And since his surgery, Michael said he doesn't "end a phone call or a text message or some type of communication without saying, I love you.'"

"To this day, if I'm texting my brother, the last thing one of us will say is, 'I love you,'" he said. "It's so important. And it's not just heart disease. You can go outside and get hit by a taxi cab. It's the reality of life. It's so short. You've got to enjoy every single moment."

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