12 Reasons Baby Goats Are the Only Animal the Internet Cares About Right Now

Lately, every viral animal video has starred adorable, bouncing kids

By Jenna Mullins Jun 23, 2014 7:54 PMTags
Baby GoatsGetty Images

The Internet is a fickle place. One moment you are the hottest animal around and there are new videos of you every day and people can't stop freaking out over how cute you are. And then the next week, you're dunzo. (Lookin' at you, hedgehogs).

Save for cats, the Internet has a constantly revolving obsession with different animals. Using very thorough "research," we've discovered that right now it's all about baby goats. It used to be foxes, but that's changed. Now it's all baby goats (or kids), all the time. And we're not mad about that at all.

Why have little goats taken over the Internet? Oh, just these 12 reasons:

1. Um, they are insanely adorable:

Getty Images

2. Seriously. Just look at these baby goats riding a turtle:

3. Goats are really into goofy activities, like sliding down some wood:

4. Again, look how cute! So fluffy and so athletic:

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5. They have an amazing disposition. Like Frostie, who used to need a wheel cart to walk. Not any more! His story is amazing:

6. They also make the cutest, most ridiculous noises:

7. Even when they're doing something simple, like getting annoyed at a fly, it's already a million times sweeter than anything you're doing:

8. They come in all kinds of colors. We like variety in our Internet obsessions:

Getty Images

9. And the more goats there are around, the better:

10. Who else can parkour this adorably?

11. Taylor Swift is into them, even when they are used to poke fun at her:

12. And finally, because BOOP!

We love you, baby goats! Hopefully your popularity sticks around a lot longer than the sloths did.