Louis Tomlinson is heading in One Direction—to the bank!

Actually, the boy-bander is trying to raise £2 million (that's around $3.4 million, for all you yanks!) for his hometown football team, the Doncaster Rovers, which he and former club chairman John Ryan are acquiring next month. To do this, the 22-year-old Brit is asking Directioners to donate to the team in exchange for access to him—but face time with Mr. Tomlinson doesn't come cheap, kids!)

According to a Crowdfunder.co.uk page for The Tomlinson Ryan Trust (created by Louis and his business partner to direct funds toward the team), for just £250 ($425.36) you can take a selfie with Louis and the Doncaster squad. Not a fan of the #selfie craze, though? A photographer can snap a picture of you with Louis and co., but it'll set you back £500 ($850.67).

Louis Tomlinson

AP Photo/Steve Uttley/PA

If you have £10,000 ($17,004.75)  to spend, you and four of your friends can go up against Louis and four of "his celebrity pals" in a five-a-side tournament! (These four famous friends aren't explicitly named, but if you're spending a small fortune on a game of football, it only seems fair to ask that Mr. Harry Styles show up in some tight shorts.) Oh, and for just £12,000 ($20,415.60), you and 11 friends "will get the VIP treatment" at a game, which includes being seated in a private box and a ten-minute convo with Louis before the game begins. Totally worth it.

But, what's all this money actually needed for? Funds would be used to "secure the future of 'Donny' and take the club to the next level," which could include eventually getting the League One team into the Premier League. Louis and his business partner are opening their wallets as well, of course. Per BBC News, the pair are personally putting in an unspecified six-figure sum as part of the campaign "to show its commitment and to encourage fans to come on the journey with them"

You can donate from now up until July 17.

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