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Uh-oh! Snooki is having " #pregnantproblems."

The pregnant Jersey Shore star shared a picture of herself wearing a floral-print swimsuit Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, it no longer can contain her burgeoning belly. "My one piece belt doesn't buckle over the babygirl," the 26-year-old Snooki & JWoww star explained in the Instagram caption.

Regardless, the bride-to-be still looks fab!

In her June 17 "Naturally Nicole" Podcast One episode, she discussed her days as a "party slob" on Jersey Shore and shared how motherhood changed her. "I don't party anymore—I change diapers! I wake up at 7 in the morning and I go to bed at 8 o'clock at night," she said. "I am a full-blown mother, and I love it."

Snooki is in the process of building a house, planning her wedding to Jionni LaValle and raising Lorenzo.

"I'd rather be at the gym than go to the bar. I'd rather be home with my baby than go out and see my friends. I grew up, but I still have my goofy side. I still have times where I'm like, 'Dude, I need a glass of wine! Get me out of here!' Because parenting is a crazy-ass job," the MTV reality star said. According to the former Dancing With the Stars contestant, "Parenting is a bitch but it's awesome at the same time."

"He's the love of my life but he is insane," she said of her firstborn. "He has my personality. He's goofy."

Snooki finds it hard to relate to her friends who still want to party when she all she really wants to talk about how her son "s--t" on her arm the other night. That's not all that's changed, though. "My Netflix used to be filled with scary movies and drama and love stories—Leonardo DiCaprio all the way—and now it's always Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street, all these animated movies. I noticed I'm watching them when I'm not even with Lorenzo," she admitted. "Like, I'll put on Mickey Mouse and just watch it."

"Basically, my life is filled with cartoons, it's filled with baby toys, bottles, milk—all that juicy stuff."

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