True Blood


The bloodiest, sexiest show on TV is back, and it's like a whole new show, here for one last hurrah before we have to say goodbye to Bon Temps forever.

First of all, it seems that in the infected vampire attack on Bellefleur's (which will forever be Merlotte's in our hearts), Tara was killed (but apparently not, as her mother's vision later predicts). Holly and Arlene were also kidnapped by vampires, and taken to their vampire lair to wait for their turn to play dinner. Holly played her part to calm everyone down, while Arlene did a lot of screaming.

In their search for Arlene and Holly, Bill and Andy came upon a new group of anti-vampire raiders, led by Vincent, who was up against Sam for mayor. He happened to see Sam transform from a dog to a person back at Bellefleur's, and is now fairly upset that he was beaten in the mayoral race by a Collie.

Jessica, who was still feeling incredibly guilty for eating Adilyn's sisters, stood guard outside Andy's house to protect his remaining faerie daughter. Her protection came in handy when a large and very hungry infected vamp showed up in search of food. Adilyn wisely refused to invite Jessica inside, but changed her mind at the last second as the sun was coming up, allowing Jessica to run up to the attic, after taking a brief second to consider eating another young Bellefleur, obviously. What a lovely blossoming friendship.

Pam, for some reason, was playing Russian roulette in Morocco. Why? It took a while, but we eventually learned that she's trying to find information on Eric's whereabouts after he cut her loose. At the very least, he seems not to be dead-dead after bursting into flames while naked on a mountain top in Sweden (Is this show real?).

Sookie's greatest struggle, meanwhile, was that she couldn't get herself to stop reading people's minds. She just hates hearing what people think of her. Why everyone is always thinking specifically about and blaming Sookie Stackhouse when there are supernatural creatures running about and we're like six seasons past Sookie initially hooking up with the vampires, we may never know, but it's really getting on her nerves.

In the end, she sort of confronted everyone about it. They know she knows more about vampires than anyone, so why not let her help solve this current diseased vampire problem?

And finally, Jason Stackhouse, Officer of the Law. He spent most of the episode allowing Violet to feed off of him and providing her with all the pleasure she wants, while he gets nothing in return. He eventually did get something in return, and that something was some serious thrusting against his car. Good for them. Bad for the car, maybe.

Oh crazy show, we have missed you so. 

So what did you think? Will you continue tuning in to see how it all ends, or are you sort of over it? Do you think (and/or hope) Tara is truly dead? Let us know in the comments!

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