Paris Gets a Visit from Shrink

The hotel heiress' psychiatrist and lawyer dropped by the prison for about two hours on Tuesday

By Sarah Hall Jun 06, 2007 4:08 PMTags

The people on Paris Hilton's payroll haven't forgotten her in her time of need.

The hotel heiress was visited Tuesday at the Century Regional Detention Center by her lawyer, Richard Huff, and her psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy. The men stayed about two hours, and left without commenting to the press assembled outside.

Last month, Sophy filed a court declaration claiming that Hilton was too "emotionally distraught" by her pending jail sentence to take part in the $10 million slander suit filed against her by rival heiress Zeta Graff. The trial was pushed back to Aug. 22 as a result.

With a few days of incarceration under her belt, Hilton is alternately "doing well," according to her lawyer, and utterly miserable, according to assorted other sources.

The Simple Life star has reportedly emerged from her cell each day to call her family, but needed to be taught how to use the pay phone on her ward, according to an attorney who represents two murder suspects housed in the same unit.

"She came out of her cell to make a phone call. She's not used to making collect calls and she needed help. A sergeant had to help her," lawyer Paul Cohen told the New York Post. "Apparently it's tricky."

Though she's been stripped of her BlackBerry and designer duds, there have reportedly been a few perks for the jailed heiress.

Saul Reyes, who does maintenance at the prison as part of a work-release program, said Hilton was spared the invasive body-cavity search routinely done on incoming inmates.

"Paris didn't have to go through the cavity search. When bent over, she didn't have to cough," Reyes told the Post. "She didn't have to spread 'em."

(It was unclear exactly how he managed to obtain that piece of information.)

Hilton isn't the first celebrity that the jail's warden, Captain Alice Scott, has had in her charge.

Michelle Rodriguez served a few hours of a 60-day probation violation sentence at the jail last year before being released due to overcrowding. Daryl Hannah was also briefly sent there after being arrested for trespassing during a demonstration.

Scott's colleagues describe her as a dedicated officer of the law, who will ensure that Hilton receives no special treatment.

"She possesses the administrative and interpersonal skills to perform her duties in an extremely competent manner," Sheriff's Commander Dennis Conte told the Associated Press.

Translation: she's up to the task of keeping Hilton under lock and key—at least for the next three weeks or so.