Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth Talk Balancing Work and Seven(!) Kids on the Set of Mystery Girls

Together again, the longtime pals and costars dish to E! News about their new show

By Natalie Finn Jun 21, 2014 12:00 AMTags
Watch: Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Reunite on "Mystery Girls"

Sometimes getting a desired result takes a village. But it turns out that it only takes Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth to make a village.

Talking to E! News about their busy work-home balance as the mothers of four and three children, respectively, Tori and Jennie reminded us of just how many kids there are between them.

Asked if there was a chance that any members of their brood might make a cameo on their moms' ABC Family series Mystery Girls, Tori pointed out that it would have to be a "big scene."

"Seven kids," Jennie interjected.

"Between the two of us," Tori added. "We're the new Brady Bunch and then some."

"We should start our own little village," Jennie suggested, to which her longtime pal agreed, "You're right. We have a tribe—or village. A small town!"

Who would have thought, 14 years after Beverly Hills, 90210 signed off, that Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor's kids would be on a playdate together?


Well, during this particular interview they were doing just that, with Jennie's nanny supervising. But now that it's summer, her three daughters with ex-husband Peter Facinelli and Tori's four children with hubby Dean McDermott like to come to work with their moms.

"Yesterday my girls were here all day watching and they just love hanging out," Jennie said. "They become friends with the crew."

As for Tori's wee quartet, she said that the two older ones, 7-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Stella, now understand that she's playing a character on Mystery Girls. But she admitted that it was confusing at first for them, especially because the family first did their own reality show, where Mom was played by Mom and Dad was Dad.

Watch the clip to see how Tori's two youngest children reacted to a day on set—and hear what the actresses have to say about juggling work and motherhood, "24/7."