Jimmy Kimmel received some rather spectacular parenting tips from a little girl during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment, parts of which could be described in his own words: "Eww!"

The 46-year-old host has two children from a previous marriage and had enlisted her help to brush up on his baby holding and changing skills before his pregnant wife Molly McNearney, the show's head writer, gives birth to their first child together.

In a video that aired on Thursday, June 19, Isla, 6, demonstrated to Kimmel proper techniques, using a doll. Kimmel, naturally, took the opportunity to dispense some unconventional suggestions of his own, starting with a novel idea.

"The baby should learn to wipe its own butt," he said.

As Isla unwrapped the baby doll's diaper, she discovered a little present. (Watch video above to find out what Kimmel did with it...warning: not for the squeamish)

The child played along and giggled adorably at Kimmel's silliness. She also told him that he must throw dirty diapers in the trash. He then presented a true, thought-provoking conundrum.

"But then the trash guy's gotta come and pick it up," he said. "And then, he doesn't want this."

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