Male Dancers, Beyonce Music

Yanis Marshall/YouTube

First of all, if you're complaining about how much your feet hurt when you go out to the club, and you don't even really bust a move (the two-step doesn't count), you need to stop.

Because these three guys prove that when it comes to expressing yourself through the art of dance—let alone to Beyoncé—no stiletto is too high and no amount of pain is too much.

French dancer-choreographer-teacher Yanis Marshall has created another YouTube masterpiece with help of his friends Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine, who got together and performed what just might be the fiercest dance to a compilation of Bey's biggest hits during their last rehearsal for the final live show of Britain's Got Talent.

The choreography, all done in stiletto boots, has Queen B written all over it with high kicks, body rolls, booty shaking, ground crawls...we could go on but it just won't do the clip justice.

" Over 300 000 Views on YT in just 3 days @ ," Marshall tweeted with the video (the views have doubled since then).

And while the competitive reality show and his videos have made Yanis that much more recognizable, he wants to set something straight: "LITTLE REMINDER: 'I was VIRAL way before @GotTalent & I'm still VIRAL now. I'm just starting.' Do your homework! Love' Yanis."

Yaaaaaaas, Yanis! With a stomp and Z-snap, this story's over.

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