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Staying in on Saturday night has never sounded so sweet.

Ben & Jerry's debuted two new ice cream flavors last week (just in time for summer!), which are both inspired by popular Saturday Night Live sketches.

The company revealed the news via Twitter, posting a pic of the tasty treats with a silly note which read "Live from Ben & Jerry's, It's SNL Batches!"

If you're a cupcake lover, you're bound to devour the brand's new Lazy Sunday flavor, inspired by the famous sketch with Andy Samburg and Chris Parnell. In the skit, the two share their love of cupcakes, so naturally, the dessert features "vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl," according to the website.

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There's also Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch—which serves as an ode to the character made famous by Kristen Wiig—and includes "chocolate and sweet cream ice cream with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds, and marshmallow swirl."

Itching for an excuse to binge-eat ice cream? Yeah, so are we.

But don't head to your local grocery store if you're looking to get your hands on a pint. As of today, the flavors are available exclusively at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops across the U.S. and Canada.

So don't feel bad about curling up on your couch come Saturday night. You've got a date with a bangin' bowl of ice cream (no shame).

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