Bang Bang Tattoos

Bang Bang Tattoos

Never one to shy away from nudity, Cara Delevingne is skipping the skivvies and baring it all in her latest Mulberry handbag ad for her debut collection. The scantily-clad pic is undoubtedly a move on Mulberry's part to revitalize the British luxury brand, which is down a CEO, creative director and a whopping 50 percent in sales.

The provocative ad is just one in a series of other Delevingne shots, featuring—what else?— puppies, owls and drool-worthy fashion designs. Her spring campaign with the brand featured a dogs, birds and a pony. Also released today is a behind-the-scenes promo video with the 21-year-old.

"Being a muse for Mulberry, it's just very funny to me. Just saying it now, the fact that I inspire the brand—it's a two-way street, you know, the amount I get back is exactly the same," Delevingne says in the clip.

And of course, no Delevingne design would be complete without a little inspiration from her tattoos. In the video, the supermodel dished that certain elements from her body art—namely her signature lion and ‘made in England' ink—were incorporated into the collection. "It's a kind of secret thing. You can kind of go, oh yeah, she's got that," Delevingne said of the ink inspiration in her collection, out this September.

Cara Delevingne


The supermodel recently added two new tats to her growing collection earlier this week, trading out the black ink for the more-demure white.

"Cara got white tattoos," Bang Bang, the celebrity tattoo artist responsible for Cara's latest body art, told E! News exclusively. "She got a dove in white on her finger. She also got 'Breathe Deep' on her bicep."

And it would seem that the supermodel is indeed hooked on body art. "I met her 18 months, and now she's got 14 tattoos," Bang Bang revealed.

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