Mike Tyson Kicks UFC President Dana White Out of Airplane Seat, Pranks Him In His Sleep—Watch!

Word of caution: You may not want to invite the boxing champ to your next slumber party (or maybe you do...)

By Corinne Heller Jun 18, 2014 4:38 PMTags

He's a plane prankster, that Mike Tyson...and probably a hoot at slumber parties.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion and reality star had some fun toying with UFC President Dana White during what appeared to be a private flight, as seen in photos and a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, June 17.

"Hey, come on, move it!" Tyson says to White, smacking him on his shoulder.

"I like this seat," a seemingly shocked White responds, as he gets up, slowly.

"I like it better," the boxer says, sitting down with a satisfied look and putting on a neck pillow as White moves to an identical seat on the opposite side.

"Got punked. #miketyson #worstflightever #headinhome #ufc," he wrote.

And that wasn't all. Tyson also left his cabin mate a little wake-up present. With a pleased look, he wrote on White's face with a sharpie while he appeared to be sleeping.

"Alright it's official no more flying with @miketyson !!!! #ufc #miketyson #sharpie #dontfallasleep," White said alongside two photos, adding, "... he's lucky I was sleeping!!!! ;)"

The two are friends and go way back. During an interview with Joe Rogan on the UFC match commentator and Fear Factor host's Joe Rogan Experience podcast in February 2013, White called Tyson his "favorite all-time" fighter and recalled the power of Tyson's punch. He talked about how a gym he used to go to would be shut down for the boxing champ's personal use and that Tyson used a "massive" customized punching bag because he would destroy the regular ones.

"You know when you break a firecracker in half?" he said. "That's what the...bag would look like when he would hit it."

You may want to ice that shoulder, Dana.