Olivia Wilde's First Mother's Day With Otis Was a Total Disaster: "We Were Sweating, Angry and Hungry"

"I now consider it the most important holiday of the year," she jokes on The Late Show

By Zach Johnson Jun 18, 2014 1:15 PMTags

When expectation meets reality, the results can be disastrous.

Olivia Wilde learned that lesson when she celebrated her very first Mother's Day with her son, Otis. The Better Living Through Chemistry actress opened up about the experience on The Late Show Tuesday.

"I had Mother's Day and [Jason Sudeikis] had Father's Day," she said. "He and I had very different ideas of what we want to do on our day. The deal is that we each get to do whatever we want on our day."

"So my day, I wanted to have brunch. I wanted to go to Central Park," the 30-year-old actress recalled. "I had this image of Central Park being completely empty, just rolling meadows, one person a mile away flying a kit, some balloons. So he says, 'Yeah, we can do that.' So we go up there and it's hell. It's more packed. Everybody in the world is in Central Park that day. It also happened to be Japan Day, which it turns out is a huge deal in New York City...There were a billion people there and there's one bathroom, as far as I can tell. Maybe there are more—I couldn't find it. It was a bad decision on my part."

"I had the image of the picnic and everything would be so lovely. There would be flowers and the baby would be cooing and I would be the glorious mother," Wilde said of her imagined plans for their outing.

"Instead," Wilde told David Letterman, "we were sweating, and angry and hungry. Everyone had to pee. I finally just dropped to the ground on a patch of dirt, like in between two ugly roads, and then just ripped off the diaper of the kid to change him and he just pooped everywhere—like a torrent, a flood."

Though it wasn't the Mother's Day she had hoped for, Wilde said it was "really cool" to celebrate it with her fiancé and their newborn son. "I now consider it the most important holiday of the year," she joked.