Robert Pattinson has no shortage of strange stories.

The actor appeared on NBC's Late Night With Tuesday to promote The Rover, and while he was there, he talked about previously being "friends" with hookers in L.A. and revealed his rap alter ego. The interview started off, however, with Seth Meyers asking Pattinson about growing up with two sisters.

"I think they kind of always wished I was a little sister," he admitted. "I always wanted a little brother."

"They told me on my 18th birthday that my mom was pregnant—on April Fool's Day. I went to school just rejoicing and basking in the fact that I could have a mini-me," Pattinson said with a laugh. After learning it was a practical joke, he was bummed. "It was the most disappointing day of my life," he said.

"Even at 18 you wanted a little brother?" Meyers asked. "That's pretty much the age that you could just have one yourself. You don't need your parents to do the work at 18. You just go out and get to work!"

Asked if he's been selecting roles to separate himself from Twilight, Pattinson laughed and replied, "I haven't really made any choices with my life at all. It just happens!"

Meyers then joked, "You just wait for your parents to have a brother for you. That's so passive!"

"I'm just waiting for my mom to get pregnant," Pattinson giggled. "Just one day!"

Later in the show, Pattinson talked about renting a room at the Magic Castle. "I used to be friends with all the hookers who lived down the street," the British star admitted. "They were my first friends in L.A."

Meyers also asked Pattinson whether it's true that he wanted to become a rapper. "100 percent," the actor replied. "I still kind of do." Meyers jokingly told his guest, "You have a rapper's energy about you."

"My rap name was Big Tub," Pattinson revealed. "I was very paranoid about my weight." In fact, the Maps to the Stars star admitted he's still concerned with his appearance. "I got quite sick in the last couple of days and I'm so excited about it," he explained. "'Next week I'm going to be so skinny!'"

Pattinson recorded music, but he didn't have the best equipment. "I didn't know how to scratch," he recalled, "so I used to pull up and down the zip on my hoodie and record it. It sounds exactly like it."

If he ever releases the tracks, Pattinson jokes that he'd call the album Big Tub and the Tabbycats.

"That sounds like some real hardcore s--t," Meyers joked.

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