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Tonight's television offerings brought us some sadness, some happiness, some whaaaaaat, and several awws as we said goodbye to a couple shows and one beloved character. We also got to welcome one show back into our lives, and got to play with not one, not two, but two and a half babies. Plus, was Aviva faking her asthma on Real Housewives of New York? We may never know, but continue on to hear how the drama played out. 

Rizzoli & Isles: It's back, but in a bittersweet sort of way. Tonight was not only the first episode of season 5, but it was also the first episode to deal with the absence of Lee Thompson Young, who died last August. At the beginning of the episode, Korsak explained that Frost was still on a trip visiting his mother, and was driving back the next day, so Jane would be working the case without him. While she dealt with her own pregnancy (with lots of advice from Maura), she worked a case involving a missing baby. Heartbreakingly, the baby's kidnapping and his mother's murder was arranged by his own father, and the baby was found safely in the care of a homeless person after being left at a church. 

Towards the end of the hour, Korsak received a call from Maura. He said that Frost had been in an accident on his way back from his mother's. Jane met Maura at the scene of the accident, just as Maura was zipping up a body bag. The two women hugged as Maura said Frost was already gone. Even though we were ready for this, you can never truly be ready. Next week's tribute to Frost is going to be a tough one to get through. 

Playing House: Ok, you guys, we're obsessed with this show, and tonight's two-part finale was truly perfect. (Season 2! Season 2!) Maggie's baby is finally here, though she didn't exactly come easily. The doctor mistook Maggie and Emma for lesbians, and the lie grew until Bruce was the cousin of the dead sperm donor, and Maggie and Emma met in tankinis in Boca Raton. Bruce brought Maggie an inflatable dolphin, and Zach tried to make use of his new doula skills, but eventually baby Charlotte came into the world safely and happily (and a little too cleanly).

The second half hour was about the growing problems between Mark and Bird Bones (whose real name we will never remember)  and Emma. After the argument that started last week when Bird Bones discovered that Mark had once proposed to Emma, Emma, Maggie, and Charlotte had to come to Mark's rescue as he drank his problems away with a bunch of bikers. Maggie won back his wedding ring, which he had lost in a pool game, and Emma comforted Mark and encouraged him to patch things up with his wife. Of course, because this is a sitcom, part of Mark and Bird Bones patching things up involved Mark not seeing Emma for a while. We're getting some Friends vibes here, but that's ok, because Friends is great, this show is great, and it had better come back for a season 2. 

Awkward: The truth about Eva has been revealed, and it's a big one. First of all, her name is actually Amber, and she was expelled from school at 9 years old and was self-homeschooled, which we don't think is a thing. Jenna and Sadie convinced her to tell Matty the truth, which she did, along with a brand new piece of interesting information: She's pregnant! Of course, no one believed her at first, but she took a pregnancy test that seemed to prove it. "Ugh!" is what we say to that. Ugh! 

Chasing Life

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Chasing Life: April finally told Beth about the leukemia, and Beth immediately got adorable about it, concerned for every move April made. April also got a lot closer to Dominic, and feared she had gotten wasted and told him about the cancer, which would have been bad after he said he wanted a girl with no drama who doesn't need to be taken care of. Weird or sweet? We can't decide. We did find out that uncle George was driving the car that killed April's father, and we learned the name of April's apparent half-sister, though April freaked her out as she chased her out of the cemetery. This is a really sweet show, you guys, and we're totally on board. 

Real Housewives of New York: The ladies headed to Montana for a nice vacation, though they did not bring Aviva with them, due to Aviva's severe asthma. But was Aviva lying about her asthma? Kristen certainly thought so, since Aviva just hated the idea of Montana. It's probably for the best that Aviva didn't go, because once they arrived at the resort, the cabins were only reachable by wagons, and all Luann could do was whine about a mean facialist and how her friends didn't stand up for her in front of said facialist. At least they got to see a rodeo, so the trip wasn't a total bust.

Pretty Little Liars: Find out whose body the dog found in the yard and hear from creator Marlene King in our recap here!

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