Benny Feilhaber, Hot Soccer Players

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For World Cup fans, all the action goes down on the soccer field. But when it comes to action off the field, some soccer players are completely banned from having sex!

That's right, when it comes to fooling around in between soccer games, certain nations allow their teams to hop in bed with whomever they want while other ban any and all X-rated activity during the World Cup.

So which hot soccer studs can get it on while heating up Brazil? Here's a little breakdown.

Soccer Butts

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Countries That Allow Their Teams to Engage in Sex: Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Uruguay and England

Countries That Completely Ban Sex: Russia, Chile, Mexico, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

But the World Cup sex rules aren't black-and-white. For some nations' teams, it's complicated (like sex!).

For example, French players can only have sex if it doesn't last all night (if soccer stars have one thing it's stamina!), while the Nigerian team can have sex if it's with their wives (sorry, no girlfriends). As for Brazil, a country known for hot bods, Brazilian players are allowed to get jiggy with it as long as it's not acrobatic (come again?).

And there you have it!

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