Have you had enough of your significant other showing their love via text message by sending you the emoji of the cat with hearts for eyes? Are you going to scream if you have to see the dancing lady in a red dress on your iPhone one more damn time?!

Relax. Brand-spankin'-new emojis are coming next month so now you'll have hundreds of different ways to not talk to your friends in person.

Two-hundred and fifty—yes, 250—emojis will be added to the Emojipedia in July as part of the Unicode 7.0 software update from Apple, Google and Microsoft. 

Some of the new additions include floppy disks (for when you are saying someone's insults are as outdated as old computer technology), the Vulcan salute (for the nerds), "wind blowing face" (we assume that will be used when talking about Beyoncé's flawlessness, and a black skull and crossbones (obviously the only response upon seeing new photos of your friend's adorable kitten because you will be "dead").

But believe us when we say that the only useful update coming out of the 250 Emjois is this one:

middle finger emoji

Yep, we're finally getting the middle finger emoji, and it's about damn time. If we had a dollar for every time we wanted to flip off someone through the phone, we could probably quit our jobs and dedicate our lives to getting Happy Endings back on the air.

Check out the full list of new emojis on Emojipedia.

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