It's summertime and we're ready to get out, strip down and show off those bikini bodies that we've worked so hard for! At least that's how it plays out in our minds...

In actuality, it's crunch time, ladies! The gym may have escaped us this past season but now it's time to crank it into high gear before we hit the beaches!

We spoke with some of the hottest celebrity trainers to the stars in order to make it easy for you to get a workout in without even using a single piece of fitness equipment. Seriously! Watch how you can get that body you've been dreaming of!

If this workout is good enough for Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Beckinsale, it's absolutely good enough for us!

Trainer Many Ingber spills all of her core-strengthening moves that work every angle of your stomach. The series of relaxing yet rigorous poses seems easy until you realize that you're also getting a leg workout. She's secretive like that! Are you ready for the "Balance Challenge?!" Find out now!

Kit Rich shows us that you don't need to look far to get into a celebrity-inspired workout!

Here she is focusing on trimming and toning your tummy for summer. And who doesn't need a little extra help there? In less than three minutes, she shares her three favorite exercises that will guarantee that you feel the burn!

Have an office job? Can't get to the gym because it's too hard to squeeze into the day? That's no longer an excuse, people!

Astrid McGuire, fitness guru and acclaimed Barry's Bootcamp trainer, fills us in on how to get in the perfect summer workout without even leaving your desk! Astrid shows us how to work the riceps and stomach in only two minutes a day. Check out her entire list of tips and tutorials here!

What is your favorite workout to prep for summer? Sound off in the comments below and show us on Instagram at #ESummerHere!

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