Robert Pattinson, Good Morning America

ABC/Fred Lee

Does Magic Mike XXL need some extra meat? Because Robert Pattinson might be able to kill two birds with one stone...

Asked on Good Morning America today what he meant by a recent comment about wanting to have a career like the one enjoyed by Guy Pearce, his costar in The Rover, the cheeky British actor was ready with a cheeky response.

"I was talking about a side career as a male stripper," he laughed.

Talk about your L.A.-confidential information. (Which of course was just a joke, one that Pearce seemed to heartily enjoy.)

Robert Pattinson, Good Morning America

ABC/Fred Lee

Pressed to explain, Pattinson clarified, "Guy's essentially a leading man and—I can't figure out how to put this in the nicest way possible—but basically he created an incredibly interesting character actor career."

Pearce, who after breaking through in L.A. Confidential has starred in the varied likes of Memento, Animal Kingdom, Mildred Pearce on HBO and Iron Man 3, said he thought that it was "great" to hear that a youngster like R.Pattz admired his work.

"I'd be pretty happy with Rob's career as well, to be honest," he cracked.

Whatever that may be. Both were briefly quizzed on how well they knew each other, and Pattinson didn't know Pearce's character's name in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Pearce, though he knew Rob's name in Twilight was Edward, couldn't remember the brooding vampire's last name.

"We know each other's careers very well," Pearce suggested.

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