Either Jason Biggs was perfectly cast in American Pie, or that pie scene shaped him as a human being.

Meaning? The 36-year-old actor dropped by Chelsea Lately Monday, and his chatter about boobs, breastfeeding and faking his religion sounded like it could've come straight from the mouth of Jim Levenstein, the raunchy character he first portrayed in 1999.

Back to the oversharing, though! Biggs, who currently stars in Orange Is the New Black, has no regrets about any of the questionably TMI pictures and videos he took (and shared) of wife Jenny Mollen giving birth to the couple's son Sid Biggs. "People thought that this was too much," he said, clarifying, "People with sticks firmly inserted up their asses!"

Despite the "ridiculous" backlash, Biggs isn't about to stop gabbing about the gory details of his and Mollen's lives. Breastfeeding, for example, is quite the topic of conversation between the actor and pal Chelsea Handler—largely because of the effect it's had on Mollen's boobs!

"Those things are monsters," Biggs said of his wife's breasts.

Chelsea proceeded to act out what it would be like to "have to let somebody suck on you," asking Biggs, "Can you imagine how painful that would be?!"

Oy, we'll try not to think about that. In all seriousness, though, is Biggs a parenting natural, or is he about as awkward as his American Pie alter ego? Plus, why is the New Jersey native basing his career off "pretending" to be Jewish!? Watch the clip above to find out!

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