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This week, Andi Dorfman and her small army of suitors headed to France and it was about as romantic as it could possibly get, if you consider mimes and frog legs romantic.

Josh was the first to get a card from Andi, but it was written in French so he had no idea what it said. As we learned in the next scene when Andi sat down with Chris, however, she doesn't really speak French. Are you telling us that Andi doesn't write those notes? Is this whole show a lie?! Is our whole life a lie?!

Chris asked Andi if she was falling in love and we fell in love with her a little bit more as she struggled to hide her grin. But she's not just in love with one guy. She's falling in love with multiple guys! Oh no!

While Josh was all excited that he finally gets a one-on-one, Andrew whimpered that he has only gotten group dates, and so he'll have to do something to show Andi who he really is. (Ugh.)

Josh and Andi then did a little shopping and then hung out on a boat, where the camera kindly zoomed in on his hand on her stomach, to show us how cute they are. Josh is clearly a frontrunner. As they picnicked on a bench, they talked for a bit and Andi confessed to us that she worries that what she and Josh have is purely physical. She feels scarred by Juan Pablo, which is a sentiment we completely understand. (You didn't just survive, Andi, you thrived!)

Meanwhile, Marquel learned that Andrew had apparently made some racial comments and was struggling with whether to confront him or not. Marquel was clearly upset and hated the idea of always being recognized for his skin color over anything else. 

But of course, the show had to go back to Josh and Andi's date, which was beautiful and perfect, since Josh has been somewhat of a frontrunner since the beginning. Of course, he got a rose and a private concert from Ben Shields

The rest of the guys got a group date card that literally just said "Love Andi," and they were confused. It turned out that the group date involved learning how to mime! Yay! Mimes aren't creepy at all! (Sarcasm.) The guys in their mime costumes were weirdly adorable and it felt like we were watching a very attractive silent film. Marquel? Great. Nick? Didn't even try. Lame! The people of France were not impressed. 

Then, it was drama time. Nick was being cocky and kind of a jerk to the other guys. Marquel tried to confront Andrew about his comments and Andrew tried to turn it back on himself, saying he was the one being bullied. 

Andi tried to confront Nick after she heard about his behavior, but he countered with a love letter and then they kissed. She's a little confused, apparently.

JJ got the group rose, after really outdoing the others in terms of romantic gestures that night. Nick was clearly mad.

Brian got to go on a food date. They watched a movie about food. They cooked food together, but Brian was not into it at all. He does not cook, apparently. He didn't even try to be romantic and looked like he forgot he was on a date. He figured it out by the time they sat down to eat, though, and got the rose.

Andi then had a conversation with Chris and decided to cancel the cocktail party and go straight to the rose ceremony. The guys were panicked, as if those last few moments at the cocktail party were going to make Andi fall in love with them. 

At the ceremony, three guys went home without roses: Andrew, Marquel (whaaaaat?!), and a guy whose name we barely know (Google tells us it's Patrick). Andrew was quite unhappy, because people "bullied" him. Patrick has apparently been told by "not just girls" that he has great qualities, while Marquel was trying to keep a positive attitude. Meeting Andi made him believe in love again. He wants love real bad and we are willing to give it to him, because we've always dreamed of a hottie with excellent mime skills.

Anyway, that's that. Just eight guys are left! Who do you think will win Andi's heart? Who do you want it to be? Are you glad Andrew finally went home? Are you sad about Marquel? Did you ever notice Patrick before? Do you wish you could also go to France with eleven attractive people? Weigh in below!

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