Lauren Conrad Reveals What's In Her Beach Bag This Summer

games, bikinis, blankets and more!

By Cinya Burton Jun 16, 2014 10:58 PMTags
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Lauren Conrad is not your typical bride-to-be. While most betrothed gals are trying to figure out ways to hand-off work, the 28-year-old is adding to her jam-packed schedule. In addition to planning her fall wedding to fiancée William Tell, she's also still designing for her two fashion lines, running her ecommerce site The Little Market and now she's going to do a little guest-blogging on the side. The star will be writing for John Frieda's Keep Up With Your Blonde campaign, sharing tips on how to ensure your locks golden (such as the brand's Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde shampoo and conditioner).

But that doesn't mean she won't enjoy a little R&R this summer. And being that she's a SoCal girl that downtime is usually spent by the sea. So we asked the former reality star what items are a must for her beach bag. Here's what she shared:

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 70: "Sunscreens always in my bag. I know it doesn't make a difference after a certain level but I still do really high, usually like 75. I do zinc on my face—the full lifeguard look. I have Melasma and it can get really bad, so I'd rather just look silly at the beach."

2. J. Crew Panama Hat: "I always have a hat with me. I have this one in a few different colors."

3. Large Blanket: "I went to Guatemala recently and I bought some blankets like this one." 

4. Stripped Ethiopian towels: "I don't usually go in the water—my skin doesn't react well to salt water—so I'm parked with my umbrella watching everybody or I'll put my feet in. Because of that, I usually have a lighter towel because I don't need it to dry off."

5. H&M and Topshop bikinis: "Most of my swimsuits are from Topshop or J. Crew. They have a really nice fit, but Topshop you have to size way up. I like an underwire bikini or a classic triangle style."

6. Rummikub and Backgammon: "I love a game at the beach!"