Do you remember the adorable goat named Frostie who had to learn to walk using a little cart? Well, if you don't, make sure you read his incredible story and then come back here to find out how sweet lil' Frostie is doing now! (Spoiler alert: His story will make you cry).

So the kind folks over at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia were hoping that the cart would help flush toxins from Frostie's infection brought on by a disease called joint navel ill. He wasn't able to use his back legs due to his swollen, painful joints, but thanks to the cart, he had the mobility. And thanks to his sunny disposition, he had the energy.

Well, Edgar's Mission just posted an update on Frostie and the change is incredible. In less than a month he went from this:

Frostie the Goat GIFs

YouTube/Edgar's Mission

To this:

Frostie the Goat GIFs

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission

And it looks like he did it all with a smile on his cute little face! Seriously, try not to feel better watching Frostie run around with his goat buddies. You can get more footage of his recovery in the video above and you can read about his journey at Edgar Mission's website.

You rock, Frostie!

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