Saddest TV Pet Moments

WARNING: We're about to discuss one of the most devastating moments from Game of Thrones' season-four finale. Read at your own risk, but make sure you have plenty of tissues!

Game of Thrones has done it again—and we can't stop crying.

Not only did the hit HBO series kill off some of our most beloved characters in their season four finale Sunday night, (RIP The Hound!) fans were forced to endure one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the series' history. That's right, fellow pet lovers—we're talking about Dany's dragons.

For those of you who were crying too hard to remember what happened, let us refresh your memories: After Drogon, aka Khaleesi's largest and most vicious dragon, attacked and burned an innocent 3-year-old girl to a crisp, Daenerys decided it was time to put her people's safety ahead of her motherly love. Our silver-haired queen placed chains on two of her three dragons (Drogon is currently MIA) and locked them in the catacombs of Meereen.

As a sobbing Dany walked away from her all-grown-up babies, Viserion and Rhaegal desperately cried for their mother to free them from their new prison. It was absolutely heartbreaking and we cried all the tears. Seriously, see for yourselves!

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Although we're certain that this scene will forever be remembered as one of the most devastating moments GOT's history, we're curious to see how it compares to TV's top five most heartbreaking pet moments. From Lost's gut-wrenching final scene, to another shattering animal act on Game of Thrones, and a life-long loyal companion in Futurama, see how Dany's dragon desertion measures up!

Spoiler Alert: There are a lot of dogs ahead. OK, fine, they're all about dogs, so grab your tissues now. You've been warned...

5. Family Guy: Brian's Shocking Death

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What Happened: Back in November of 2013 Family Guy completely blindsided fans (but not E! Online!) when Brian, the canine companion who has been in each and every episode since the pilot, was hit by a car during a hockey game and died.

Why It Ripped Our Hearts Out: To make matters worse, earlier in the episode, Stewie dismantled his infamous time machine, thus making it so the the pint-size genius could not go back in time to save his best friend life. Luckily, three episodes later, Stewie performed a Christmas Miracle and used his newly mended time machine to bring Brian back to life. Although we have Brian back, we were still absolutely heartbroken for those few weeks in which we thought our favorite talking dog was gone for good.

4. Revenge: Sammy's Heartbreaking Passing

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What Happened: Emily/Amanda had that adorable pup since she was 9 years old, and when she first returned to the Hamptons for her grand plan of revenge, Sammy automatically recognized his former owner. In the penultimate episode of season one, Sammy passed away from old age, and Jack and Emily buried the beautiful pub on the beach by her house.

Why It Ripped Our Hearts Out: If it weren't for Sammy, Jack and Amanda might have never become friends. In fact, Sammy was the best man—or should we say, best pup?—at Amanda and Jack's "wedding" when they were kids. So you can imagine why we were hysterically sobbing once Sammy passed away.

3. Game of Thrones: Lady's Unjust Death Sentence

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What Happened: Way back in season one, Arya's direwolf rightfully attacked Joffrey because, as usual, the king-to-be was being a royal prick. However, after Arya sent Nymeria away to escape her impending death due to attacking Joffrey, Sansa's direwolf, Lady, was sentenced to be murdered in her place.

Why It Ripped Our Hearts Out: Lady didn't do anything wrong! Joffrey deserved each and every bad thing that has ever happened to that little twit, and the fact that an innocent animal was slaughtered just to fill King's Landing's eye-for-an-eye mentality was devastating.

2. Futurama: Seymour's Long and Lonely Life

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What Happened: Fry had the opportunity to clone his fossilized dog, Seymour. However, after our former pizza delivery guy discovered that Seymour lived a lived 12 more years after he disappeared, Fry decided to abort the cloning process. Fry figured that the dog probably forgot about him and lived a long and happy life.

Why It Ripped Our Hearts Out: A flashback showed that in the years that passed after Fry left, Seymour had faithfully obeyed Fry's last command, which was to wait in front of Panucci's Pizza until he returned. He waited there for 12 years wondering where his owner was before he finally closed his eyes and passed away.

1. Lost: Vincent's Selfless Act of Kindness

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What Happened: Vincent, a fan-favorite Lost character through the show's many seasons (yes, a dog can be fan favorite), reappeared at the right moment to lie with Jack as he died on the beach.

Why It Ripped Our Hearts Out: C'mon, a dog comforting a dying man on the beach in one of our favorite shows ever? Plus, in the pilot Jack said, "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone," and Vincent's sweet act made it so Jack wouldn't die alone!

What do you think TV fans? What do you think was the most heartbreaking pet moment in small screen history? How do you think Dany's dragon desertion compares? Sound off in the comments below!

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