Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada, Miss USA 2014

Patrick Prather/Miss Universe Organization

Well, this certainly won't help those claims that she faked her Nevada residency. 

Former Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, who was crowned Miss USA at the annual pageant last week, appeared on the morning radio program "The Todd Show" on Monday, where she was asked to name the capital of her home state while participating in a quick quiz.

But things got awkward very quickly when Sanchez had— shall we say—a memory slip (?) and couldn't recall the capital of Nevada.

"Oh, um, ahhh, oh my gosh," she said as she snapped her fingers, struggling for the answer before the host chimed in to provide Sanchez with the correct response (Carson City, in case you're curious).

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"Thank you I was going to say that!  I was like, that one DJ host on MTV, back in the day, his name, that's how I always remembered it," the brunette beauty queen said before the show's co-host filled in the blank.

"Carson Daly," she said.

"Carson Daly, that guy!" Sanchez replied.

Her flub comes of the heels of speculation that the California-born beauty faked her Nevada residency in order to compete in the pageant. She addressed the reports on Thursday in an interview with Fox News, insisting there's "no truth" to the rumors.

While Sanchez previously competed for the crown on three separate occasions in California, the fourth-degree black belt said that she has lived "all over" and specifically chose not to compete in the 2013 Miss Nevada pageant because she had resided there "just under six months."

"I wanted to go into [competition] properly, so I didn't compete last year," she said. Instead, she supported her pal Chelsea Caswell who went on to win the 2013 title.

"I didn't want people to have anything to say," she continued, "I did it right...I waited over a year to compete when I felt like I was ready."

Sanchez also insisted that it's fair for women to compete in a state different than the one they were born in "within the rules that the Miss Universe Organization has set up."

"They set it up for a reason," Nia said. "That's why there's the six-month residency rule...[Nevada] is my home."

Meanwhile, a representative for the Miss Universe Organization responded to the allegations via a statement to E! News: "She met her requirements to compete. Nia is a great person and we know she'll be a great title holder."

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