Hey Dude Cast Reunites After 25 Years: See the Stars Then and Now!

Christine Taylor, David Lascher and more of the Nickelodeon cult hit's stars reunited at the ATX TV Festival in Austin

By Tierney Bricker Jun 16, 2014 4:30 PMTags
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Back in the saddle again!

Twenty-five years after its series premiere, the cast and writers of Nickelodeon's cult hit Hey Dude reunited at the 2014 ATX TV Festival in Austin on Friday, June 6, which was the first time many of them had seen each other since 1991. 

Taking part in the beloved Western-themed series' reunion were stars David Lascher (Lookin' good, Ted McGriff!), Christine Taylor, David Brisbin, Geoffrey Coy, Josh Tygiel, Debrah Kalman and Jonathan Galkin, as well as writer Graham Yost, who created FX's critically acclaimed series Justified.

Unfortunately, Kelly Brown was unable to attend the walk down memory lane due to a last-minute family emergency, while no one on the panel had any idea what Joe Torres (aka Danny!) was up to these days.

While Lascher, Taylor, who is married to Ben Stiller, and Brisbin continue to work in acting, many of the series stars ended up leaving show business after Hey Dude wrapped its 65-episode run in 1993.

Galkin, who played Jake, the male lead after Lascher exited to star in a new series (he later returned), now runs a record label in Brooklyn, while Tygiel, the youngest cast member who played Buddy, works for a private investigation firm in Portland. Though Kalman (aka former ranch hand Lucy!) was a teacher, she recently retired and is looking to re-enter the acting world, while Coy, who played Kyle, yet another replacment for Ted, left acting after the series ended and is now a director of marketing.

The biggest takeaway from Hey Dude's reunion? Ted is still a total babe.