Lady Gaga

Turgeon-Steffman/Splash News

Where do we even begin?

Lady Gaga turned heads (shocker!) while stepping out of her New York City apartment earlier today, except it wasn't her big, wild curls that got people's attention. In fact, her recent hairstyle was nowhere to be seen, and you know you could spot that 'do from a mile away.

Mother Monster decided to ditch the '80s hair and instead pull her dark tresses back into a tight ponytail, which was actually kind of perfect, because it allowed for more eyes to go to what did catch people's attention—her nipples.

Gaga wore an all-black, sheer ensemble that completely showed off her breasts. She then accessorized the look with over-the-top jewelry, that included a gigantic statement necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Since there was enough going on with the outfit—and since people's eyes probably didn't go above her chest area—Lady Gaga kept her makeup very minimal.

Additionally, if people were able to look away from her naughty pillows, they would be greeted with the precious and adorable face of her French Bulldog puppy Asia, who was just hanging out while being cradled on her mama's arm.

Don't get too used to this look, though. It seems as though the 28-year-old went back to her curls tonight, posting an Instagram snapshot of herself in the bath with the wavy 'do.

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