Crystal Meth, Mug Shot


Oh, Florida. Keep doin' you.

A woman was arrested last month for shooting a freakin' missile at an occupied car, which is pretty run of the mill for Florida. No one was hurt, as far as what the police report says. And speaking of what the police report says, take a look at her name.

Crystal Metheney.

Her name is Crystal Meth.

Now we're not saying she was high on crystal meth while shooting a missile into a car but…

Crystal's previous arrests include getting busted for weed, but this was her first official foray into rocket propelled grenades. Of course the report doesn't say exactly what constitutes as a missile; we're just speculating.

And based on her name and the state she resides in, we're probably not that far off in our guesses.

Miss Meth (new comic book superhero, dibs!) was released on a $5,000 bond.

Meanwhile, our third favorite part of this story after the ironic name and the missile situation is when Jezebel called the Polk County Sheriff's office to confirm the name. The writer commented to the person on the phone that Crystal's name was pretty amazing, and this was the response they got:

"Sir, this is Florida. We have a lot of interesting names here."

Among other things.

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