It's not Magic Mike material, but Channing Tatum does do some booty shaking in 22 Jump Street.

And only we have the exclusive video to show you. In the clip, Tatum jumps up on stage during a spring break beach party scene and shows off his twerking skills.

"The crowd went nuts," says co-director Phil Lord says.

"I'd never been to a real spring break," co-star Jonah Hill says. "It exceeded my expectations. Everyone in San Juan would just show up on to the beach and start raging while we were shooting."

Also in the video, a fight scene involving an adult blow up doll. We kid you not.

22 Jump Street

Sony Pictures; Youtube

No word if Hill and Tatum have a new bet going on about the movie's opening weekend box office.

"It was the night the movie was opening and we were at dinner," Hill recently told Howard Stern about their first Jump Street flick. "And if we had broken $30 million opening weekend, we were a massive, massive success…So we're at dinner and we're drinking and he says, 'I bet you it's gonna make $35 million opening weekend.' And as a joke, I said, 'I'll kiss the tip of your d--k…over the boxers.'"

He continued, "A lot of people would be jealous of me if I got to do that. So what happens is, it makes $36 million opening weekend, which was huge, we were all celebrating and he's like, 'You gotta…' I did not. It was a joke and it was silly and obviously it's a lose-lose situation for both parties."

22 Jump Street opens in theaters today.

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