Ashley Donald, Erik Rogers, Bill Murray

Courtesy Fia Forever Wedding Photography

Back in April, engaged South Carolina couple Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers took a picture that was quite the doozy.

Rahaeel Gauba, of Fia Forever Photography, was snapping photos of the pair as they sat on a house's staircase in downtown Charleston and suddenly he realized the two had stopped paying attention to him and did not respond to his calls.

"So, I turned around, ready to give someone a piece of my mind, and there was Bill Murray!" he told E! News. "It was Bill Murray with his belly exposed, trying to get the couple to laugh."

"He was tapping and rubbing his belly. He wasn't saying anything, he was just doing that," Gauba added. "I was like, 'What the heck?'"

He said he then asked, "Mr. Murray, would you like to pose with the couple?"

The 63-year-old Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters actor took a quick picture with the pair, who are getting married later this month.  A public photo of the two holding hands while appearing on the staircase, with the actor standing beside them, sporting a sea foam-colored button-down shirt over a bright green top, light tan plaid plants and a facial expression that was 100 percent Bill Murray, was posted on Fia Forever Photography's Facebook page earlier this week.

"Bill came in for a photo, shook everyone's hand, told them, 'Congratulations,' then walked off," the photographer said.

"Bill really didn't break character," he added. "He had a slight smirk, he had his signature look. He had it on him the entire time."

The photo has since gone viral. The bride and groom have also made it their Facebook profile pictures.

"Who says 3 is a crowd?" Donald said on her Twitter page.

"The couple kept asking me for that photo, so I said, OK, fine.' I put it it's all over the world!" Gauba said. "It's crazy!"

Murray is known for his public pranks and dry, sharp sense of humor. He has reportedly crashed several parties, a kickball game and surprised unsuspecting passersby on the streets of New York over the years. There is even a website of (unverified) stories about people's funny encounters with the actor. In late May, Murray crashed a man's bachelor party in the city, and a video of him dishing out advice went viral.

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