Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith

DaGreenTeam/Splash News

Now here are a couple of sights for sore eyes.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith took a moment to just adore each other while enjoying the surf and sand in Hawaii—or they're angling to see their reflection in each other's eyes to admire themselves.

Which we actually couldn't fault them too much for, the longtime couple just look that good.

At 42, Jada has a muscular, fit-as-heck bikini bod that girls half her age do squats all day to try to achieve, while Will—looking as youthful as ever despite the hair that grows in gray when he lets it—remains in tip-top shape at 45.

And they still look so cute together while enjoying a quiet moment on the beach.

Daughter Willow, her hair still a platinum-dyed pixie cut, was on vacation with them and was spotted taking a dip in the ocean with her mom, Jada's hair currently long and curly after a foray into the partially shaved look.

Thirteen-year-old Willow, meanwhile, is the spitting image of her parents—tall and lanky like her father with a gleam in her eye that reminds us of her mom. 

Looking good, Smith family!

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