Race to the Altar: Former MTV Reality Stars Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port & Olivia Palermo

Get the latest on who we can expect to see walk down the aisle first!

By Jenna Loomer Jun 18, 2014 9:52 PMTags
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The Hills are alive with the sound of…wedding bells!

Who would have predicted that MTV's former leading ladies of reality TV Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo would be about to walk down the aisle in the same year—let alone the same season! Not us, but we couldn't be more excited about it! Why? As if you even have to ask. All three fashionistas have signature styles all there own. Meaning, each wedding promises to be completely unique—and judging by what each bride-to-be has hinted at already, completely dreamy. Let's take a look at what we know so far:

We are pretty sure the world just about exploded with happiness once word broke out that LC had finally found "the one!"  We've learned a lot of life lessons from Lauren throughout the years—mostly, you should always choose Paris over a boyfriend! Sorry, Jason. 

Her shabby-chic style has been a dream Pinterest board for years, and her love for light pastels and feminine lace has been apparent in both her Paper Crown and LC by Lauren Conrad collections. When you ask her to describe her style, she has always referred to herself as "California casual," so it would only make sense for Lauren to have her wedding where it all began: Orange County. Come on, this girl is the OC!

Lauren has recently been dropping some hints on what we can expect to see for her big day. Between the lace wedding gown completed with a pale pink bow, to the cake with pink detailing (we are seeing a trend here!), down to the art of creating the perfect thank you card. 

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Our prediction is that Lauren is the first out of the three girls to be able to add "Mrs." to her name. We foresee this wedding taking place at the very end of summer and showing off her impeccable style choices with a elegant country theme, completed with dainty detailing.

Whitney always wore a lot of hats during her time on The City. She was Lauren's co-worker, confidant and best friend—and now she too is about to be a blushing bride! The founder of Whitney Eve has gone on the record saying that she will be designing her own dress for the big day—but we are dying to know, what will it look like?

"I've been toying with the idea of wearing a classic slip dress and this look is just simple and comfortable. You don't have to worry about anything or the fuss of a big ball gown...Another idea I considered was trying the see-through trend, where you can see the bra and panties underneath. I didn't know if that was okay for a wedding, but they show you how to make the look tasteful," she spilled in an interview. 

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Whitney will likely tie the knot this fall, which can still work for the beach wedding she's been hinting at if she holds the ceremony in her hometown of Los Angeles, where it's summertime year-round.

Of course there's always a chance Whitney and her fiancé Tim Rosenman might switch coasts and marry in the Big Apple. After all, the pair met while filming The City (he was a producer for the hit MTV series), so it only makes sense that they would say "I Do" in the place that brought them together. Wherever they exchange wedding bands let's just accept the fact that the ceremony will be one to remember.

The best part is that Whitney is allowing her fans to be a part of her wedding day prep work. Every Wednesday she has been uploading photos to her Instagram with the tag #WhitsWeddingWednesday to provide some personal insight on everything surrounding the big celebration.

Ok, admit it, you didn't love Olivia Palermo on The City—but now you stalk her social media accounts just to see what new fabulous ensemble she's put together. Spoiler alert: it's always perfect. Always. 

Even since her time on MTV, Olivia's style has been the epitome of classic elegance with a splash of the unexpected. You'll never catch her in a plain LBD; she always finds a way to spice things up, whether it be within the detailing of the fabric or her passion for bold accessories. Case in point: we cannot get enough of her outfit from the CFDA Awards!

In an interview with Brides Magazine, she hints at a few ideas that she has for her own wedding day: "…your dream dress comes right off of the rack and then you add your own touch. Play with color. It's all about the styling! I always like to incorporate pops of color." Rocking a silk pink pocket square in this Oxford shirt, we see that she brought her signature style to the shoot as well! 

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The E-commerce entrepreneur gave one additional hint to her final look, stating, "First, I'll consider what the venue is and what the feel is. But no matter where I marry, you're not going to see me in a huge cupcake dress. As beautiful as they are, they're just not me."  

Both she and her fiancé, Johannes Huebl, make it a point in their relationship to travel the world together—so our prediction is that these two lovebirds fly off to Europe to tie the knot in an intimate setting with close family and friends. The wedding will look timeless, with a splash of sass and high-end couture. Would we really expect anything less though? They are the most ridiculously good-looking couple of all-time. 

Whose wedding are you the most excited to see?

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