Escape Club lovebirds Stephen Bamber and Lisa Tursini stopped by to talk about the show's most recent castoff and their chemistry on the show, which is looking to be more than just another vacation fling.

Stephen just barely missed elimination in the first round, much to his and Lisa's relief. Instead the honors went to fellow escapee Elly Kho, who was none too happy about her dismissal.

"It was a bros versus hoes thing where all the guys would go and we'd get one girl to agree with us and then we'd knock them all out," Stephen remarked. "Elly is a great girl but a little out there—too crazy and too much personality."

Both admitted to being shocked when they discovered the true premise for Escape Club: weekly eliminations accompanied by random guests from the escapees' past.

Escape Club Cast

Jeff Lipsky/E!

"I wasn't ready for that," Lisa admitted. "I was looking forward to have an amazing time on an island where I'd never been and meeting new people. That's what I was really looking forward to and then we got hit with all that and it sucked."

Stephen added, "The vacation turned into hell! It was horrible 'cause people started lying and scheming. I came to escape dramanot create it and get involved in it."

EC Recap, EP 101

But all drama aside, the pair admits that it was essentially love at first sight when they met.

"I'm a sucker for blondes and she's a bombshell," Stephen exclaimed. "When I first saw Lisa come out in her bathing suit, that was it. Curves, hair and all—I was sold."

"He's tall, dark, handsome, has the biceps, body and personality that I wanted," Lisa said. "I mean, what more could I ask for?"

Will the couple's budding romance have the chance to blossom? Or will their love be their ultimate demise?

Tune-in for an all new episode of Escape Club this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

Reporting by Kamala Kirk and Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

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