Game Of Thrones


WARNING: We're about to commiserate over the most recent heartbreaking Game Of Thrones death. If you do not wish to know, then get out of here right now. For everyone else, please pass the tissues…

We're still crying all the tears.

This Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones featured yet another devastating death. (Darn you, George R.R. Martin!) However unlike last week's brutally shocking beating, this hour featured a tear-jerking goodbye that made us question if anyone can truly ever find love in Westeros.

Sorry to break your hearts, Jogritte fans, but our favorite fiery redhead, Ygritte (Rose Leslie), met a tragic end last night. After Jon defeated Ygritte's big bald Wildling friend with a hammer, he turned around to find Ygritte and a loaded bow. However, just as it looked like she was going to kill off one of our last remaining Starks, the boy from the wildling-destroyed village shot an arrow straight through her heart. (And through ours as well...)

So how does our Wildling woman's ending rank among the 24 most important deaths in Game of Thrones' history? Click though our gallery to find out!

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