Reid Wiseman, Twitter


Dick Van Dyke's dancing Vine video was pretty amazing, but Reid Wiseman's new clip might be even better than that.

While many people try to create six seconds of genius, the astronaut took things to a completely different level—an intergalactical level, if you will—by sharing the first Vine video from space! Yes, outerspace!

"1st Vine from space! Single Earth orbit. Sun never sets flying parallel w/terminator line ," Wiseman wrote with the video that displays the Earth's orbit.

Wiseman has become quite the social media savant while in space, tweeting photos of the Earth while on his mission and even some selfies!

Wiseman is a former Navy aviator who flew combat missions in some of America's recent conflicts, and he's aboard the station until November as a flight engineer working on science experiments and other serious business.

Take a look at some of his tweets while on the ISS:

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