Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn

JP Yim/Getty Images

This may mark our very first reverse fashion face-off. We typically want to know who looks best between two similarly-dressed stars, but this time it's a double negative day. Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn both look less than hot in these half-pajama, half-mechanic jumper styles. They don't highlight the gorgeous models' frames. The colors are each odd. We're not even fans of the shoe choices.

So we're changing things up for a battle of the lesser of two awkwards.

First up is the blonde British beauty's strange offering: a flower-covered silky situation that looks like it belongs on either a 70-year-old woman or a toddler. The plunging neckline makes the style sexy, but the overall shape is just too big on this slight celeb.

While this second UK native's fit is far more flattering, the deep navy color and reptile skin effect is not. It also has a fall or winter feel that stands out next to Cara's lighter, brighter choice.

So it pains us to award either wearer the win, we're going with Cara and the flowers vs. Jourdan and the skin. What's your take?

Fashion Face-Off: Cara vs. Jourdan
Who looks less terrible in her giant one-piece?
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