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Calling all Game of Thrones fans! 

By a show a hands, who here has ever wanted to live in the magically wondrous realm of Westeros? (You should all be feverishly raising your hands in the air—yes, especially you in the back with the direwolf T-shirt.)

Well now, you finally have your chance! GoT author, and destroyer of all our favorite characters, George R.R. Martin has put a new deal on the table for all the diehard fans out there. The infamous writer will reward one lucky reader out there with the chance to be written into—and then killed out of!—one of his next A Song of Ice and Fire books.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Alas, in true Game of Thrones tradition, all of this fame and glory will come at a hefty price—$20,000, that is. 

According to Prizeo, Martin is currently raising money for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and The Food Depot of Santa Fe. The best-selling author is offering a wide array of prizes based on the amount you donate. (Think of it like a Kickstarter, but for charity.)

By donating, fans can snag T-shirts, handwritten thank you notes, a script signed by the GoT cast and even a hat that Martin once wore. But the mother of all dragons prize is the chance to have a character named after you for a mere $20,000—which seems relatively fair considering your Westeros alter ego will forever be cemented in the novel's pages. 

The prize description reads, "At this level, you'll get the incredibly exclusive opportunity to have George name a character after you in a future A Song of Ice and Fire novel. There is one male character and one female character available. You can choose your character's station in the world (lordling, knight, peasant, whore, lady, maester, septon, anything) and you will certainly meet a grisly death!"

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Game Of Thrones, The Mountain and the Viper


Martin is known for killing off beloved characters in the most gruesome and heart-wrenching ways possible. Most recently, in this past Sunday's episode, Oberyn Martell, played by the oh-so charming Pedro Pascal, had his (Spoiler Alert!) skull crushed while he was fighting as the champion on behalf of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) in a trial by combat.

Don't be too sad, GoT fans—Pascal lives! In fact, Netflix confirms that the actor has has been tapped to star opposite Wagner Moura in Netflix's Pablo Escobar drama Narcos.

So who has what it takes—and the large enough bank account—to appear and die in on of Martin's next books? Only time will tell! 

Game of Thrones airs Sunday on HBO. Only two episodes left this season!

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