Nicki Minaj just dropped a sneak peek of her new music video that is emotional, haunting and…may make you unable to look at PEZ candy the same way again. Also, bunnies.

A teaser clip for her ballad "Pills N Potions" debuted on Friday, June 6. The 31-year-old hip-hop star, known for her risqué looks and catchy rap beats, sings about heartache and shows her vulnerable side (and plenty of cleavage).

While the song has an undeniable sadness, do not fret, Barbz, as the video also showcases Minaj's sassy sense of humor. What better way to convey a broken heart than with Terminator-like liquid metal tears? And bunnies, there must be bunnies! Minaj dons a Playboy-like headband, a rabbit air-drums and a bunny-shaped PEZ dispenser releases, yes, pills. Fellow rapper The Game plays her—shirtless!—love interest, appearing in the path of a menacing purple cloud of smoke.

The video was screened on television for the first time that day on Good Morning America, which omitted its first part—a scene of Minaj smoking what appears to be a cigarette, closing her eyes and exhaling slowly.

"It is a very different sound," Minaj, looking fierce in a leopard-print mini dress with shoulder pads, said on the show about "Pills N Potions." "It's very emotional."

The song was released in late May and is set to be featured on Minaj's third studio album, The Pink Print, which hits stories later this year. And yes, the track does contain a rap portion, although it was not featured in the teaser video.

Nicki Minaj

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

"I think rapping is what I do, is what I shine at," Minaj said on GMA. "I happen to just love singing, but rapping is my expertise, I would say."

Minaj also said on Instagram, alongside a selfie of herself in her GMA outfit, "I'm innocent. I'm a 'good girl. Who wouldn't want the "good girl"?

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