Dear cats with four legs who can't handle stairs: watch this video and get your life together! Also, you are cute. Can we please rub your belly?

Sorry. Cat tangent. Let's talk about the awesome kitty in this video named Boots, who had her back paws amputated after she was found abandoned and injured at the shelter Life Is Better Rescue in Denver. Doctors gave her prosthetics, which are the blue sock-like things you see on her feet in the video. So she got new paws, a new home and a new owner, Meghan (the video-taker). You might think that Boots is a special kitty, but she can't do things like go down stairs quickly, right?

You are so wrong. Watch how she handles going down stairs and join us in our awe of Boots' amazing agility. This cat is more athletic with half her limbs than we are with all our working parts.

P.S.: You can donate toward Boots' future medical bills to help doctors and Life Is Better work to give her a pain-free life.

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