Rogue for Rihanna

Rogue for Rihanna

Another day, another "Rihanna is too sexy" scandal. And we haven't even gotten over the whole naked dress thing yet!

Hot off the heels of her nipple-baring CFDA ensemble, Rihanna is getting everyone all hot underneath the collar again, this time because of the ads for her new perfume, Rogue by Rihanna.

In the print ads Rihanna poses in a conservative turtleneck and a pair of khakis. Um yeah, just kidding! Not quite. In the ads Rihanna poses topless curled up, wearing not much more than a pair of heels and a smoldering gaze.

The ads are being taken down in public areas in England where children could possibly see them, since apparently the sultry Rihanna pics are considered "sexually suggestive" by the British Advertising Standards Authority.

We'd say compared to her sheer, G-string baring dress she wore Monday night Rihanna looks downright covered up in these photos!

This is not the first time Rihanna has offended for being too sexy, and we'd pretty much put all our money on it not being the last.

Do you think these ads should be banned in England?

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