Having already been ripped from the headlines, Britney Spears will just be taking a seat on the sidelines for this one. 

A character inspired by the recently shorn pop star will appear in an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami about an actor who's killed during a stay in rehab, CBS confirmed to E! News Tuesday, calling Spears' influence "a small part of the episode." 

It won't be the Spears character getting the postmortem workup, but while at the facility to investigate the victim's death, the David Caruso-led forensics team comes across a starlet who has shaved her head.  

This will be the second time a TV procedural has taken on the tabloid-friendly "Toxic" singer. 

In September, the 17th season premiere of Law & Order featured a starlet named Sky Sweet whose mothering skills come into question when she's spotted driving with the child on her lap and—in the Dick Wolf tradition of taking things a step further—pictures surface showing her snorting coke while pregnant.  

Adding to the Spearsian scenario is the actress' marriage to a wannabe rapper, who is eventually arrested for gunning down a cop during a botched robbery.  

Meanwhile, after getting spoofed, er, adapted for Law & Order, a pre-divorce Kevin Federline guest starred on CSI in October as a foulmouthed gangbanger under investigation for a series of brutal beatings. 

In other fictional homicide news, the Anna Nicole Smith saga will also be receiving the dunh-dunh treatment during May sweeps. An episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will feature the untimely death of a spaced-out blond bombshell, played by original Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson, whose life was anything but easy in her final days. Comedian David Cross has signed on to play the "Howard K. Sternish" role, according to a show publicist.  

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